Artist Natalya Simonova is a member of The Federation Of Canadian Artists (FCA) and currently based in Montreal.

All paintings are unique and reflect the mood and artistís feelings.

Feminine beauty and charm more than anything else inspires the artist to paint more and more pictures.

In her paintings most of the time she uses pleasant colors and mixed media to enflame an emotional response.

The style of her painting could be called as Soul Art.


"I am never without my sketchbook handy and constantly drawing.

 The beauty is around us. We just should desire to see it.

I do not like to explain my paintings - each person and each soul takes something a little  different from the same picture and I am pleased with that."

Natalya Simonova

Slideshow presents my artwork:

FCA Art Exhibition "O Canada!" - June 19 - July 2, 2017

FCA Art Exhibition "Ten Squared" - November 22-27, 2016

My "Color Dreams" was displayed at Vancouver Art Exhibition "Muse" November 24 - December 6, 2015


My "Orchid Delight" took a part in Vancouver Annual Fundraising Exhibition November 10-22, 2015


Two of my paintings were displayed at "Miami Art Expo" 19-26th June 2015 at the Nina Torres Fine Art Gallery: